Nicolas Cary, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of

The crypto space is having a moment. Most of us saw the Superbowl ads from a variety of crypto firms and the war in Ukraine is focusing more attention on crypto than ever before. People often compare the surge in crypto to the era but there is a big difference. Many of the large firms in crypto today are already profitable and have been able to raise almost infinite amounts of money. 

Ryan Zacharia and Adam Aspes of JAM Special Opportunity Ventures

Banking is at an interesting inflection point. There is better technology available today than ever before that can really help banks run more efficiently as their customers are demanding faster and more user-friendly services. At the same time, looming over the horizon is blockchain technology, DeFi, stablecoins and more that could make some of today’s cutting-edge technology obsolete.

Lex Sokolin, Co-Head & Chief Marketing Officer at ConsenSys

Lex Sokolin, Co-Head & Chief Marketing Officer at ConsenSys

You have probably heard the terms DeFi, which is an abbreviation for Decentralized Finance and NFTs, meaning Non-Fungible Tokens. They have been covered in the news a great deal in the past month or more. So, I wanted to do an episode where we do a deep dive into these topics to find out not just what they are but what they might mean for the future of finance.

Mike Cagney, CEO of Figure

Mike Cagney has built a reputation as one of the smartest people in all of fintech. His capacity to raise capital is unparalleled in our space but he is also a visionary who is tackling some of the biggest fintech challenges.