Claire Tomkins of Future Family

Claire Tomkins, Founder & CEO of Future Famil

The biggest decision in anyone’s life is the decision to start a family. For the growing segment of the population that can’t do so naturally there is, of course, fertility treatments. Now, this is an exciting, scary and often heart wrenching time. And for many people the financial burden for these treatments is too much to handle on their own and they have to turn elsewhere for support.

Sally Taylor, Scores Vice President at FICO 

One of the challenges that has plagued consumer lenders over the years is that when times get difficult some consumers do much better than others. There are even large variances in people who have the exact same credit score. There are lots of ways to get a 680 credit score and these people will all behave in a similar way when economic conditions are benign but differently during a recession.

Sergio Furio, Founder & CEO of Creditas

We have seen many companies in fintech branch out into adjacent areas of finance as they add product lines to bring more opportunities for their customers. But rarely, if ever, have we seen fintech companies look outside of finance completely when adding to their product mix.