Manuel Silva, General Partner of Mouro Capital

Latin America remains one of the hottest region of the world when it comes to fintech. It is a large market that is still relatively undeveloped and so offers more opportunities than most places on earth. It is also the home of the largest fintech company in the world (outside of China), as far as number of customers go at 30+ million, I am talking Nubank.

Sergio Furio, Founder & CEO of Creditas

We have seen many companies in fintech branch out into adjacent areas of finance as they add product lines to bring more opportunities for their customers. But rarely, if ever, have we seen fintech companies look outside of finance completely when adding to their product mix.

David Poritz, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Credijusto

Mexico is becoming a hotbed of fintech innovation. The second largest economy in Latin America has seen a wave of innovative fintech companies launch in the last five years and fintech investors are taking notice. There is more VC money available today in Latin America than ever before which means the leaders in the industry are becoming almost as well capitalized as their northern neighbors.