Lend Academy Investments Founders

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Earlier this week we launched Lend Academy Investments. So, in this edition of the Lend Academy Podcast I bring on my two co-founders for a discussion. But I want to emphasize this is not a promotional podcast for our new investment firm, it is more of a background interview where you can get to know my new partners, Bo Brustkern and Jason Jones.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The opportunity Jason had to be an equity investor in Lending Club in 2010.
  • Why he was advised against investing in Lending Club back then.
  • The original idea Jason and Bo had for a fund in this space.
  • Why they are passionate about p2p lending.
  • Why it is important to look beyond the numbers.
  • The origins of Lend Academy Investments.
  • How technology and software are unbundling traditional banking.
  • Why “dynamic risk pricing” is going to be the future of p2p lending.
  • What the future of p2p lending may look like in 10 years.

You will be hearing more from Bo and Jason in the coming weeks and months. They will be bringing their unique perspectives to Lend Academy by contributing here on the blog and in other ways. You can connect on LinkedIn with Jason Jones and Bo Brustkern.