LendIt Fintech USA 2020 Preview

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Every year in the lead up to our biggest show we provide a deep dive into what to expect with our LendIt Fintech USApreview show. I chat with my colleagues Bo Brustkern, CEO, and Todd Anderson, Chief Product Officer of LendIt Fintech about all the components of the eighth annual event which also happens to be our first ever virtual show.

The best way to consume this content is to watch the video on YouTube

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How LendIt Fintech USA 2020 is different from other virtual events.
  • How we adjusted the content to make it easier to consume online.
  • Descriptions of the various networking opportunities for attendees.
  • How you can become a LendIt Fintech All-Star.
  • A breakdown of all the content tracks.
  • Highlights of some of the keynote sessions.
  • The advantages of virtual events over physical in-person events.