Bryce Mason, Founder of P2P Picks, on Credit Models

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I first corresponded with Bryce Mason about two years ago; he reached out to me soon after he developed his credit model for investing in Lending Club. He was one of the first people to do a rigorous statistical analysis of completed Lending Club loans. He produced an interesting chart on default rates that I shared in early 2012. Bryce has also written a couple of guest posts on Lend Academy this year.

He is the founder of the P2P Picks credit modeling site which he describes as “the power of a hedge fund for your p2p portfolio”. In this third session of the Lend Academy Podcast I talked with Bryce about his site, his credit models, where is taking his business and much more.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Bryce’s background and how it has enabled him to develop sophisticated investing models.
  • Why he loved p2p lending when he first heard about it in the very early days of Prosper.
  • Why he feels more confident about p2p lending than his other investments.
  • How his approach is different from simple filtering of loans.
  • What he thinks of external macroeconomic data sources.
  • Why he believes that P2P Picks is helpful for all individual investors.
  • How the algorithm adjusts for changes in underwriting policies.
  • How often he updates his credit model and what changes with each new iteration.
  • How much of an improvement the P2P Picks credit model gives above the average.
  • The number of subscribers that are using P2P Picks to invest.
  • Details of the new P2P Picks API and the honor system he has created.
  • What Bryce is doing for his institutional clients.
  • What is coming down the road with P2P Picks in 2014.
  • When the Prosper model is going to be available.
  • What P2P Picks has in common with a major rating agency liked Moody’s.

Bryce’s site is and you can sign up there for free today to take advantage of the picks generated by his credit models.