Simon Cunningham, Publisher at LendingMemo

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Simon Cunningham is the publisher at one of the few sites like Lend Academy that is 100% devoted to p2p lending education and analysis. Simon and I have complementary approaches to the industry and we both believe in collaboration rather than competition, so I am delighted he agreed to come on the podcast for the first show of 2014.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • What Simon is looking for with p2p lending as an investment.
  • How much every investor should put in p2p lending.
  • How his investing approach has changed over time.
  • The states that Simon avoids.
  • What he thinks of the available investor tools today.
  • Why average investor returns have been dropping.
  • The results of his Foliofn experiment that he called the liquidity project.
  • Why he gave up on the Prosper secondary market.
  • What he believes the future holds for p2p lending.
  • The main thing he is excited about for 2014.