Ivy K, P2P Borrower

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As p2p investors we are funding loans all the time but we never know much about the people we are investing in. I want to try and change that a little. So, in this latest edition of the Lend Academy podcast we going over to the other side of the p2p lending equation as I talk with a borrower.

In this episode you will hear about the experience from Ivy K. a recent borrower at Lending Club:

  • Why she decided to get a p2p loan.
  • The challenges she had in getting a loan.
  • The big difference between the interest rate quotes she received.
  • What happened to her credit score after taking out a Lending Club loan.
  • How she was able to pay off her loan early.
  • The only debt that she will take on from now on.
  • What she wants to do once she is debt free.