Jilliene Helman, Co-Founder of Realty Mogul on Real Estate Investing

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Without question real estate is one of the hottest sectors in marketplace lending right now. We have gone from just a couple of platforms two years ago to nearly 100 today. And more seem to be launching every week.

At the forefront of this movement is Realty Mogul. It was co-founded by Jilliene Helman less than two years ago but it has already become one of the leaders in this burgeoning new industry. Jilliene came on the Lend Academy Podcast to give investors a deeper understanding of not just her business but how and why real estate crowdfunding is becoming so popular. In this podcast you will learn:

  • How a real estate platform like Realty Mogul works.
  • The real benefit provided by the JOBS Act for platforms like Realty Mogul.
  • A complete explanation of both debt and equity investing in real estate.
  • The average loan size right now at Realty Mogul and why that will be increasing.
  • How they decide what kinds of properties to bring to investors.
  • Why Realty Mogul will have a diversified mix of properties , both geographically and type of property, on their platform.
  • The competitive advantage that Realty Mogul has over the rest of the industry.
  • What qualifies as a deal that will be approved for investors on their platform.
  • How the security interest works for the both the debt and equity investments.
  • How Realty Mogul’s portfolio of loans has been performing.
  • The key to working with borrowers who become delinquent.
  • Who the typical investor is at Realty Mogul.
  • Why it doesn’t make sense for Realty Mogul to be open to non-accredited investors under current laws.
  • The actual returns to investors from loans that have been fully paid.
  • The projected returns for equity investors.
  • Why they chose Canaan Partners as their venture capital partner.
  • Jilliene’s vision for Realty Mogul.

Jilliene also appeared on the real estate investing panel at LendIt 2014 – you can watch a video of that panel here. If you are serious about investing in real estate through a platform like Realty Mogul that video will give you an excellent background.