Anil Gupta of PeerCube on P2P Lending Analysis

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Today, p2p investors have many options when it comes to analyzing loan performance. One of these options is PeerCube which was founded by Anil Gupta, a software engineer with a background in data analytics. In this latest edition of the Lend Academy Podcast I talk with Anil about PeerCube and the importance of data analysis for p2p investors.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why Anil decided to get into p2p lending in the first place.
  • How he started investing and how PeerCube came into being.
  • What PeerCube has to offer p2p investors.
  • Why it is important for him to share the filters others use to invest.
  • How his Bad Loan Experience (BLE) index works.
  • How PeerCube tracks the new loans added to Lending Club and Prosper.
  • An explanation of his recent analysis of loan returns based on the time loans took to get funded.
  • The very interesting and unexpected findings of this analysis.
  • The reason he maintains a healthy skepticism of the p2p lending industry.
  • Why he considers Lending Club and Prosper loan brokers and why they remind him of real estate agents.
  • Why Anil feels that people are ignoring the risks involved in p2p lending.
  • What the future holds for PeerCube.

In this interview we talked at length about Anil’s fascinating analysis of Lending Club loans time to fund.